The mission of the Gateway Groundwater Conservation District is to manage, protect, and conserve the groundwater resources of the District for the citizens, economy, and environment of the District; while protecting personal property rights, and promoting the constructive and beneficial uses of the available groundwater in the District. Our ten member board consists of two officers from each of the six counties of Hardeman, Childress, Cottle,  Foard, King and Motley. 

Jason Poole - President
Brent Whitaker - Vice President
Jim Sweeney - Secretary/Treasurer
Weldon Tabor     Johnny Kajs     James Gillespie     Bill Luckett      
Todd Smith     H.L. Ayers    True Burson     Gage Moorehouse

District Manager - Carrie Dodson.

Map obtained from www.twdb.texas.gov

Gateway Groundwater Conservation District